Yeo-Kal Electronics Pty Ltd 18/26 Wattle Road, Brookvale,2100, NSW Australia
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Specializing in Water Quality Instrumentation


YeoKal Electronics Pty Ltd specialises in environmental water quality analysers and water instrumentation.

Our products are used globally for field water analysis and measuring water quality. The analyser are designed for use in monitoring water pollution, potable water, bore water, mining, aquaculture, waterway health, construction & sea water. They are an essential tool in aquatic & marine ecology as well as water & waste management.

We have developed our accurate, durable multi-parameter sondes/probes for monitoring temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, pH, ORP (redox) and salinity. These are available as portable units (model 611 Water Quality Analyser and 615 Water Quality Analyser) as well as submersible remote units (model 612 Submersible Water Quality Analyser) for long term data logging. See the Products page for further information.

Also to the same high manufacturing standard we have developed a long term Tide Gauge with barometric pressure compensation for high accuracy tide monitoring.

Our extensive knowledge and after sales service together with our manufacturing plant place us in a unique position to develop customized installations and water monitoring solutions.